Nia is back in our first ever pre-order encore!

Hi there Irrealdollies,

Yep, you’ve read it right. For the first time ever we’re opening a new pre-order for a doll we just shipped.

We’ve gotten so many requests for a chance to purchase Nia after shipping all previous orders that we felt guilty about customers missing out on the original pre-order, so for the first time ever we’re doing an encore! We’ve also considered your suggestions about skin tones and we will be offering Toffee Nia in addition to Peanut and Chocopink this time around. There’s something important to note however: due to the nature of this unexpected sale we couldn’t produce a Toffee Nia prototype on time, so the pictures you’ll see in the product page are mock-ups which reflect how the final product will look approximately -we did our best to match how our other Toffee dolls look though!-

Pre-order will be open on Friday, October 25th at 18:00 PM (CEST/ UTC +2 timezone) at and we will keep it going for one week to make sure everyone has a chance to get Nia. After two consecutive pre-orders, we won’t be seeing Nia again for a very long time, so set up your cellphone alarm: you don’t want to miss this! As usual, both full payments and layaway payments will be accepted via Paypal. Check out our LAYAWAY GUIDE in case you need more information on how the system works (hint: it’s very easy).

That’s it for now, we’ll be waiting for you on October 25th, see you!

6 thoughts on “Nia is back in our first ever pre-order encore!

  1. Kristine Swens says:

    I am new to your dolls. If I order Nia will she come with full face up, eyes, wig, clothes and completely put together?

    • Irrealdoll says:

      Hello Christine, you have a detailed explanation of what comes in the box in the product description for Nia.

      Your Nia package includes:

      • Assembled doll (make up is optional)
      • Certificate of authenticity
      • Box and cushion
      • Special Nia outfit
      • A pair of glass eyes (random color)

      Does not come with a wig, but comes with a special pajamas with a hoodie and a pair of eyes. Face up is optional.

      Hope that helped!

    • Irrealdoll says:

      Hi Celia. You’ll find the price for Nia in its product page at .
      Regarding your other question, we don’t sell wigs, but we have a list of stores which do sell them at

      Hope that helped!

    • Irrealdoll says:

      Hi Barbara, if everything goes according to schedule Nia should be shipped sometime between March and April. We know how unbearable the wait can get, so we’ll do our best in order to have them ready as soon as possible!

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