Now’s your chance to pick up Aly. Pre-order opens on March 3rd!

Howdy Irrealdollies, 

We’re excited to announce that March is off to a good start, since Aly is coming back for those who missed the first pre-order back in 2022.

Many of you have been asking, we’ve asked you as well. It’s happening, it’s not an illusion, now’s your chance!

Aly will be available for pre-order next Sunday, March 3rd at 19:00 PM (UTC/GMT+1 Timezone). You’ll get to choose between Milkshake, Peanut or Toffee skin tones and the different make up options you can see in their respective product page, nice!

As usual, we’ll be offering different payment methods, like 4 instalment layaway via credit card and on the other hand Paypal/credit card/wire transfer for full payments.

Aly has built quite a following due to their little funny teeth and cute smile in a short time. Laura has prepared a few new pictures that we’ll be showing you throughout the week, so stay tuned for that. Once you see them, we’re sure you’ll definitely join Team Aly!

See you next Sunday at

2 thoughts on “Now’s your chance to pick up Aly. Pre-order opens on March 3rd!

  1. Melanie Gibson says:

    Everything on your sight is out of stock and who knows the dates? Are they from 2022, 23, 24? Who knows nothing is dated properly! For a newcomer like myself your sight makes absolutely no sense at all. You opened a preorder then close it randomly. Who knows when cuz once again no date!!

    • Irrealdoll says:

      Hi Melanie.

      You can learn more about the dates of every pre-order by checking the archive on our news blog, which is the place where we always post all important announcements first. You’ll find every release there. Product dates are irrelevant, since we often re-release dolls from previous years as new editions. If you want to learn more about how the pre-orders work, please check our FAQ and Info section , but to make it short: you’ll always see the dolls as out of stock unless there’s an ongoing pre-order.
      We usually keep pre-orders open for a couple of weeks, but this one time we were forced to close it early.
      If you don’t want to miss future announcements, please make sure to subscribe to our newsletter, which can be found on the main page.

      Hope that helped, if you need anything else please let us know.

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