Now’s your chance to pick up Aly. Pre-order opens on March 3rd!

Howdy Irrealdollies,  We’re excited to announce that March is off to a good start, since Aly is coming back for those who missed the first pre-order back in 2022. Many of you have been asking, we’ve asked you as well. It’s happening, it’s not an illusion, now’s your chance! Aly will be available for pre-order next Sunday, […]

Limited Edition Dryo and Nia have been shipped!

How’s it going Irrealdollies Just a quick update on Dryo and Nia: all orders were shipped today and you should be receiving them in the coming days/weeks. We really hope you enjoy these very unique dolls, it was fun to bring you something that’s not what you may expect from us. Even the included onesie […]

Nana makes an appearance! New pre-order on Sunday, Nov. 12th

It’s time to introduce you to Nana, our newest Engendrito! Most Irrealdoll connoisseurs already know that we love a chubby face. In our quest to find the softest, squishiest facial features, we created Nana so all of you can appreciate their roundness in all its glory. With those soft cheeks, round eyes, that cute chin and plump lips, Nana’s expression warms our […]

Tali orders shipping soon!

Hello Irrealdollies! We’re about to ship your Tali orders, hope you’re excited about it! Get those accessories ready for Tali’s arrival because we’re almost done with the packaging and all the paperwork. If, for some reason, you need to change your shipping address to a different one, please send us an email through the contact […]

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