How does layaway payments work? Well, it’s very easy!

All you need is to navigate through our shop and look for the doll you like. Once you’re inside the product page, you’ll see a huge button at the top which reads “ORDERING WITH OUR 4-MONTH LAYAWAY PAYMENT PLAN?” and a button with the message “YES PLEASE TAKE ME TO THE RIGHT PRODUCT PAGE!”.

Click that and you’ll be brought to the layaway version of that product. It’s easy to tell if you’re in the right place because you’ll see the word LAYAWAY by the product’s name and the price will be displayed in a “ From: X amount of money / month for 4 months”.

This is the product page for a LAYAWAY product. Notice you can either “Add to Cart” or directly “Buy with Apple Pay” now. If you have a Google Pay account, the appropriate button should appear instead.

Then choose between the options available according to your taste and either add the product to your shopping cart to continue the process with a regular credit/debit card or alternatively click the Apple Pay / Google Pay / Purple Stripe button if you already have a credit card associated to any of these services. If you used the regular checkout, make sure your personal data, specially your shipping address, is correct and up to date and tick the “I agree to the terms and conditions” after reading them. If you use the Apple Pay / Google Pay / Purple Stripe button make sure your information is correct on the menu that will pop up on your device since you’ll skip the checkout page by using this method.

You’ll see something similar to this once you press the Apple Pay / Google Pay / Purple Stripe button. Remember this option will only be available if you have an associated card enabled in these services and it’s only another way to complete your order.

If you’re using a regular credit/debit card notice how you’ll be shown two different TOTALS on the checkout page. The first one is the deposit + shipping payment that will be charged in your credit/debit card right away. Please pay attention to this, the first payment includes the shipping costs to your country, and it is NOT REFUNDABLE if later on you decide not to continue with your order. The second one which is called “Recurring Totals” is what you will be charged in the following three months (which is the same as before, minus the shipping costs). The checkout page will also inform you about the next renewal date.

Now it’s time to enter your credit/debit card information by selecting the “Credit Card (Stripe)” option and entering your data. If everything is ok, don’t forget to tick the “terms and conditions” checkbox and click on “SIGN UP FOR LAYAWAY” to continue with the payment.

Now the website will contact your bank via Stripe . Follow the instructions you’ll see on screen as you’ll need to confirm the payment on your banking app if have it set up that way.

After confirming the payment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us and then another e-mail from Stripe, letting you know the payment was successful and when the payments are due. After this, you’ll be redirected back to irrealdoll.com, if you see the “Thank you. Your order has been received” message you’re good to go.

And that’s it! You don’t need to worry about anything else. Just make sure there’s enough funds in your credit/debit card each renewal date and we’ll do the rest.

If you go into your Irrealdoll account now, you’ll see how in the “Subscriptions” tab there’s now an “Active Subscription” that you can check to learn more details about your layaway order -but be careful about touching that “cancel” button unless you really want to cancel your order!”. You’ll also be  if you want to complete the payments sooner for any reason.


Each month a new renewal payment will be charged which subsequently will also create a new order in your account. At the end of the layaway period you’ll be able to see four of them under the “orders” tab. This doesn’t mean you’ve ordered 4 dolls by mistake, it’s just that your ONE order has been split in FOUR different payments and each one of those has created an individual invoice.


If you check the “Orders” tab, you’ll see them marked as “Processing”. That means the funds reached our end and everything is correct. If it shows something like “Pending” or “On hold” please contact us.

Subscriptions will be shown as “Active” in your account as long as the layaway period is still running. Once the layaway period ends, your subscription will be shown as “Expired”. This just means your order is paid in full and completely OK, but the “Expired” status lets you know you won’t be charged again the following month because you’ve already completed all the payments. So think of the “Expire” status as “Whew, I’ve already completed my payments and I’m free now!”

And that’s pretty much it. If you still have any questions please use the contact form and let us know.

Thanks for reading!


If you ordered a doll on layaway and you need to change to a different credit card for any reason (not enough funds, stolen/lost/not working credit card, etc) you can change your payment method by navigating through  the following pages at irrealdoll.com:

  1. My account
  2. Subscriptions tab
  3. View current subscription
  4. Change Payment
  5. Use a new payment method
  6. Enter a new credit card number
  7. Check Update payment method for current subscriptions>
  8. Click on Change payment method.

Below you’ll find a series of pictures showing you where you need to click so you won’t get lost, it’s very easy! Additionally, you can use the “renew now” button on the last step to manually renew your payment with the new card in case you received a message telling you it failed before.



If the previous method didn’t work for whatever reason, you can still change your payment method by going a slightly different route:

  • Visit “My account” section,
  • Then click on “Payment methods”
  • Next, click on “Add payment method”
  • A new page will appear. Please enter a valid credit card number in the empty fields.
  • Make sure the “Update the payment method used for all my active subscriptions” checkbox is checked.
  • And finally, click on “Add payment method”

Once you’ve done this, you can either wait for the next payment to be charged automatically, or you can click the “Renew Now” button you’ll find in your current subscription, under the “Subscriptions” section.