Important announcement: Enoki shipment delayed (but not for too long!)

Hi there Irrealdollies,

We’re sorry to bring you not-the-best news this time around. We estimated Enoki would be shipping some time this month, but due to an huge, unexpected issue in the dolls’ production  they just weren’t ready in time for November (a model mix up happened at the factory while they were being produced). At first we thought these production issues wouldn’t affect the shipping date, but as the date approached it was clear there was just not enough time for that. Like every decision we take when something like this happens, we always prioritize quality over delivery speed, and we would never ship anything other than what we promised you when you placed your order in the first place.

The delay shouldn’t be too long since we should have the right dolls ready in a couple of weeks time, but then again we still need to do all the makeups (which is most of the dolls), packaging, shipping and all those details, so it pains us to say Enoki won’t be under the Christmas tree this year.

Our deepest apologies for any inconvenience this delay may have caused, we will do our best in order to ship your dolls as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time, we’ll keep you posted on any further update on the matter.

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