Enoki is coming back on July 14th!

Good day Irrealdollies,

Many of you were asking for this, so were finally bringing Enoki back.

The new pre-order will take place on Sunday, July 14th 2019 at 18:00 PM (UTC/GMT+2 timezone). If you’re not registered at irrealdoll.com yet, please do so you’ll be ready ahead of time.

Enoki will be offered in Toffee skin tone alongside a new one we’re calling Peach, a slightly pinker version of the Peanut skin tone you’re used to. We think it suits Enoki very nicely. Enoki also features a new body which was enhanced since her first edition, super cool!

Don’t forget our 4 month layaway option with automated payments will be available once again. Need more info on how this system works? We have a guide for you right here. Needless to say, full payments through Paypal and Bank Transfer will also be available as usual.

More information and lots of pictures will become available at irrealdoll.com and our social media pages very soon.

We have a date on Sunday, July 14th, see you then!

6 thoughts on “Enoki is coming back on July 14th!

  1. Anne anderson says:

    Will Annic be coming back in peach color? Also, will you have a second run on Enoki in milkshake color? Thanks Anne

    • Irrealdoll says:

      Hello! Still too early to know really, but never say never. In any case, those releases could only happen next year at the earliest.

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