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Since we often get questions like “where can I find a wig for my Irrealdoll?” or “does this shirt size fit Engendritos’ body?” we put together this list of stores that hopefully will help you find that perfect accessory your Irrealdoll needs. Needless to say, the list will keep growing overtime and we encourage you to let us know about other stores we may have missed.

Without further ado, here is the list.

Clothes for Engendrito size:

  • Atelier Ris Ras; @ris_ras Professional handmade clothes and accesories, limited preorders. Spain.
  • Mock Mock creations: @mockmockcreations  handmade clothes specially for Irrealdoll dolls, make to order. Spain
  • Kosucas: Handmade pantsuits, jumpsuits dresses and more. Specially for Engendrito. Spain
  • TashkasBears: Knitted and fabric clothes
  • GuguModa: Pyjamas, sweaters, trousers and much more. Specially for Irrealdoll dolls. Greece.
  • VesnushkaHandmade: Handmade clothes. Russia.
  • 02TinaDolls : Clothes specially for Engendritos. Russia.
  • Dolly Kids by Benz Jomjai: Handmade colourful clothes, outfits etc. Thailand.
  • Nira & Dolls: Handmade outfits specially for Engendritos. Russia.
  • Stilno-Textilno: Clothes and outfits with cute transfers specially for Engendritos. Russia.
  • Jenifer Paradise: Overalls and dresses specially for Engendrito. Russia.
  • Rada by Ying: Jumpsuits, outfits and more. Thailand.
  • SKdollHouse: T-shirts, stocking, dresses etc. They are not specially for Setitas so be carefut with tight clothes . China.
  • Rabbit in the Moon Thai: Several kinds of clothes. Thailand.
  • TTYA: Several kinds of casual clothes. Specially for Engendrito. Korea.
  • Clear Land: All kinds of clothes. China.
  • Doll Hearts: Special outfits. Hong Kong.
  • FoxyBronni: Several kinds of outfits. Thailand.

Knitted clothes and accessories:

Wigs for Engendrito (5-6″)

Shoes for Engendrito & Setitas

  • Kikabil Art: @kikabilart Handmade boots. Spain.
  • TashkasBears @tashkabears Handmade shoes. Greece.
  • GuguModa: Pyjamas, sweaters, trousers and much more. Specially for Engendritos. Greece.
  • TeddyDollStudio: Handmade leather shoes. Ukraine
  • Bagirka shop: Handmade shoes and boots specially for Engendrito. Ukraine.
  • Stilno-Textilno: Sneakers, boots etc. Russia.
  • Happy Doll Family: All kinds of shoes. **Not all of them fits on Irrealdoll, ask to the seller. Hong Kong.
  • Fatiao: All kinds of shoes. Taiwan.
  • SKdollHouse: All kinds of shoes. **Not all of them fits on Irrealdoll, ask to the seller. China.
  • Be my Chic: Boots and shoes. I think they are better for Engendrito. Thailand.
  • KrataiCrafts: Handmade boots. Thailand.
  • MoriTime: All kinds of shoes. Search for Lati Yellow size. Hong Kong.
  • Rabbit on the moon: Choose Lati Yellow size, they’ll fit Engendritos’ feet. Thailand.
  • FreshVanilla: Animal plastic shoes, they’ll proably fit but ask them first. Thailand.
  • KhokhloMaShoesDoll: Leather handmade shoes. Russia.
  • KateikaDolls: Several kinds of shoes. Ask the seller about the size to make sure they’ll fit. Russia.
  • House by Apple: Several kinds of shoes. Be sure to choose Lati Yellow size. Hong Kong.
  • Hello Cool Cat: Several kinds of shoes. Be sure to choose Lati Yellow size. Taiwan.
  • TTYA: Sneakers. Korea
  • CherryMao: Plastic shoes. There are a pair of japanese sandals that could fit Mai’s feet…(choose Lati Y size) France
  • Mimiwoo: Several kinds of shoes. Hong Kong.
  • LulaDoll: Just two kinds of shoes. China.

Clothes for Setitas

Knitted clothes and accessories for Setitas:

Wigs for Setitas

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