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Irrealdoll has a new website!

Hello and welcome back to irrealdoll.com! This is the new website we‚Äôve been working on for a while now. Our previous site was a little too old fashioned and in an attempt to to make irrealdoll.com a better experience for both you and us, we gave it a much needed overhaul. These are some of […]

First Spring mushroom just emerged: Annic is here!

Annic¬†is the newest additon to¬†Irrealdoll’s new line of¬†22,5cm tall dolls¬†called ‚ÄúSetitas‚ÄĚ. Her name was inspired by a beautiful¬†deep blue¬†mushroom known as “Entoloma Panniculus” in the scientific spheres. Like¬†Enoki¬†before her,¬†Annic¬†features a completely articulated body that will allow you to immortalize her doing all kinds of activities by capturing the best poses. Annic¬†will be up for pre-order […]

Irrealdoll’s newest baby, Oli, introduces incredible changes!

Irrealdoll‚Äôs newest baby, Oli, introduces incredible changes! Oli‚Äôs arrival marks a before and after in the Engendritos line of dolls, thanks to its new body, modelled to improve poseability substantially. You will be able to capture the perfect pose much more easily thanks to the new articulation points in legs and arms. On top of […]

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