In March 2019, Nia makes its appearance!

Welcome back Irrealdollies,

2018 was kind of an hectic year for us, but now that the new website is up and running it’s time to unveil the new Engendrito: little Nia!

Nia has been waiting for a long time and we were dying to finally have a chance to show this new doll to you, so a date has been set for the new pre-order already. It will take place on Sunday, March 10th 2019 at 18:00 PM (UTC/GMT+1 timezone), so get those accounts ready ahead of time.

Nia will be offered in Peanut and Chocopink skin tones and will feature the new type of body we saw in Oli. Which one will you choose? Either way, that smile is too hard to resist!

By the way, for the first time ever we will be offering a 4 month layaway option with automated payments. We will post a detailed guide on how it works, but it’s super easy: you just complete the payment from the layaway product page and that’s it! You’ll be charged each month automatically through Paypal. Isn’t that neat?

Full payments through Paypal and Bank Transfer will also be available as usual in case you want to be done with the payment right away.

You’ll find more information in the product’s page inside our shop so please give it a read.

See you on Sunday, March 10th! 


5 thoughts on “In March 2019, Nia makes its appearance!

    • Irrealdoll says:

      Hello! Could you please let me know at which point of the transaction are you right now? You only need to add the doll you want to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout, you’ll be able to complete the transaction with Paypal from there. Remember to have only one doll in the shopping cart at the time of checkout!

      • croslucy65 says:

        I have paid in full and I am waiting for her arrival. I love her and her sisters and brothers are so excited. When she arrives we will have a big party. I need some clothes for her – where do I find them?

        Smiles, Lucy

  1. croslucy65 says:

    HI, I am so excited to purchase Nia. When will she arrive? Do you have clothes for sale? They are adorable. She has three sisters – they are excited too. I love Nia already. Thank you for making her available. I love your dolls – each one has their own personality. Many thanks, Lucy Crosby

    • Irrealdoll says:

      Hi! Production time for the dolls is around 5 months, but this is just an estimate so they could be ready a bit earlier o a bit later than that. Regarding your other question, we do not sell clothes for our dolls but we’re preparing a document with a list of stores which sell clothes and accessories compatible with our dolls, so please look forward to that. It’ll be ready soon.

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