Irrealdoll has a new website!

Hello and welcome back to!

This is the new website we’ve been working on for a while now. Our previous site was a little too old fashioned and in an attempt to to make a better experience for both you and us, we gave it a much needed overhaul.

These are some of the key new features:

  • The blog is now integrated within the shop, so you won’t need to leave in order to read our updates. Nice!
  • Responsive design that works beautifully in computers, tablets and smartphones. 
  • Clearer layout and easier navigation.
  • We now allow automatic recurring payments for layaway orders through Paypal. Your instalments will be charged automatically in a monthly basis. Wow!
  • A more complete “My account” page with plenty of info on your orders, partial payments, personal data, etc.
  • Upgradeable and future proof, new features will be added down the line
  • New security measures which will make much safer.

Since we just launched the site you may find a few bugs or missing information somewhere. If you spot anything not working how it’s supposed to, please let us know by leaving us a comment or using the contact form so we can fix it as soon as possible.

Your old account won’t work anymore, so please register a new one in the new website so you’ll be ready for our future updates. Additionally, you can suscribe to our new newsletter so you won’t miss our next pre-orders, giveaways, important information regarding your orders and much more!

And in case you’re wondering when will the next sale take place, keep your eyes peeled; our new doll is just around the corner!

We would like to thank LittleRebel for her invaluable help setting up this new site. Make sure to check out her dolls too!

And of course, thank you for reading this post.

See you soon!

8 thoughts on “Irrealdoll has a new website!

  1. Jane Hall says:

    Love your new site! Great design and easy to find things. Hope you are off to bring us another Engendritos…love these little kids and am new to them in just the last few months! Take care.

  2. miatamom92 says:

    Like new site, but on Countries, I think for United States (US) could be changed to United States of America(USA); there is another United States (US) Virgin Islands indicating another country location, just a thought…even though Zips are different.

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