Where is Ery?

Hello again!

Seasons are changing, it’s getting warmer (or colder for those in the southern hemisphere) and you may be wondering: where is that Ery I pre-ordered last September/October?

Well, once again, Ery’s production took longer than expected and therefore it is coming later than we initially estimated. We hoped to have them shipped by the end of April at the latest, but unfortunately it seems like we won’t be able to meet that deadline. For now, late May seems to be the new shipping date (although we’ll do anything we can in order to have them ready as soon as possible).

We’re very sorry for this delay and we hope you understand that, while not pleasant news, it’s something that simply can happen at any given point.

In any case, to help you ease into this announcement, we’ve prepared something that you won’t want to miss and that shall be revealed later today, so please keep checking our Instagram feed for more information in the following hours.

That’s it for now, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us through the contact form at irrealdoll.com

See you later!

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