New Annic pre-order next Sunday, January 23rd!


The time has come, Irrealdollies!

This will be a very exciting year full of surprises, let this be an appetizer for you. Those who have been waiting for a new pre-order will be delighted to hear that Annic will be available for pre-order next Sunday. 

If you don’t know Annic yet, she’s a 22,5 cm tall doll from Irrealdoll’s Setitas line, which also includes Enoki at the time of this writing and will keep growing over time. Annic’s key feature is her completely articulated body that will allow you to pose her however you please. Both Peanut and Truffle skin tones will be offered.

Annic will be available for pre-order next Sunday, January 23rd at 19:00 PM (GMT/UTC +1) at and the sale will be closed after a week.

The available payment methods are:

  • Full payments via Stripe using a credit or debit card.
  • Full payments via bank transfer.
  • 4 month layaway plan via Stripe using a credit or debit card.

Your Annic package will include:

  • Assembled doll (make up is optional)
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Box with protective foam
  • A pair of glass eyes (random color)​

Don’t forget to check the product page for Annic here for more information on how to place your order and new pictures, including the make up options.

See you next Sunday!

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