Raffle for SUPER LIMITED direct sale. Nur and Nora will be offered!

Hello Irrealdollies,

It hasn’t been a month since we announced Mim’s pre-order and we’re already bringing you more exciting news.

This time it’s a SUPER LIMITED SALE for Nora and… Nur! Yes, you can stop rubbing your eyes in disbelief because it’s true.

There’s a catch however: as stated above, this a SUPER LIMITED SALE and very few units will be available. To be precise, this is the exact unit count for each model.

  • Peanut Nur: 2 units
  • Truffle Nur: 3 units
  • Toffee Nur: 1 unit
  • Toffee Nora: 7 units
  • Peanut Nora: 8 units

Since the amount of dolls is very limited and we understand many of you would like to get your hands on one of these, we’ll set up a raffle in which you’ll need to participate for a chance to purchase one doll. The procedure will be the following:

On March 29th at 19:00 PM (GMT/UTC+1 timezone) we’ll upload different publications for each combination of doll/skin tone on Instagram and you’ll need to leave a comment on the one you’d like to purchase with the ⭐️ emoji. You can write anything you want or nothing at all, but make sure to include the ⭐️ first and foremost at least.

No fake/duplicated/private accounts allowed, we’ll check every detail so please don’t attempt to cheat.

You can participate in more than one raffle if you wish, but each customer only gets to purchase one doll.

Nur dolls include a special make up and it’s not possible to purchase them blank, they’re slightly more expensive for this reason. On the other hand, you get to choose a standard make up (or not) on Nora dolls and the prices are the same you can see on our website now. These dolls are products in stock and they’ll be ready to ship shortly after the sale takes place. -Keep in mind Nora dolls which require make up will take longer however!-

Available payment methods are full payments through Paypal or Bank Transfer only. Dolls are shipped worldwide.

We’ll accept participants for 48 hours and then we’ll proceed with the raflle.

Hopefully it’s easy to understand! If you have any questions please let us know in the comments.

Remember the date and place: March 29th at 19:00 PM (GMT/UTC+1 timezone) here on our Instagram page!

3 thoughts on “Raffle for SUPER LIMITED direct sale. Nur and Nora will be offered!

  1. Sylvain Dussaud says:

    Bonjour mon rêve est d’avoir un Nur vous savais où je peut en trouver s’il vous plaît, sinon elle oli seront toujours en vente merci de votre réponse.

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