Important announcement for those who pre-ordered Toffee Mim

Good day everyone!

Thank you to all of you who have pre-ordered Mim, we’re very happy about its great reception and we can’t wait to see you having fun with Mim once the orders have been shipped.

After we ended the pre-order and started gathering up data in order to begin production as quickly as possible, we noticed one detail that, while not very important, was still inaccurate.

We had produced Mim prototypes in different skin tones to see which ones would be our favorites in this particular doll. We’ve been evaluating several options for a while and after much back and forth we finally picked the two skin tones available when the pre-order opened. 

All this time we were under the assumption that the Mim shown in the promo pictures labelled as Toffee was, well, Toffee, but it turns out this doll was Truffle, and not Toffee.

“What is Truffle skin tone?” you may ask. Well, it’s just a tiny bit darker version of Toffee. So far we’ve released Annic, Oli and even the latest Ery edition in this skin tone (you even may own one of these already!) and it’s been a favorite since its introduction.

What does this mean for all of you who pre-ordered Toffee (now Truffle) Mim?

Not much really. You’re still getting the exact same doll you’ve seen in the promo pictures: if you liked it in photos you’ll love it once it’s in your hands. However, no matter how similar to Toffee is, we wanted to be transparent about this realisation and let you know.

So, to summarize: What you’ve seen in the pictures is Truffle skin tone. If you liked the pictures, you don’t need to do anything but to wait patiently for your order to ship in a few months, as this is the skin tone in which the dolls will be produced. If you have an issue with the doll not being specifically Toffee for any reason, please let us know at and we’ll offer you a refund.

We deeply apologize about the labelling mistake, we’ll make sure to double and triple check next time.

Have a great week!

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