Information on Nia’s shipment status from last pre-order

This was a reply to an e-mail asking about Nia’s shipment status, but we thought everyone could use this information, so here it goes:
Nia’s production hasn’t ended yet since factory had to be shut down for a while when the virus started to propagate, but we’ve been assured they should be shipped to us in the coming weeks.
However, after our last update on Nia’s shipment and Nora’s pre-order which was ultimately postponed, our country declared quarantine for all citizens in an attempt to slow down and eventually stop the virus from spreading. As I write this, we’re not allowed to go out of our homes except for getting groceries or an emergency, additionally people with dogs are also allowed to take them out for a brief time to let them go potty.
What does it mean for those who pre-ordered Nia? For starters, right now deliveries are being limited to the most essential necessities, and population is encouraged to not order non essential goods. There’s no telling when this quarantine will end, and even if we get the dolls on our hands soon, we’re actually not allowed to go out in order to ship them, which would be a huge problem.
The ideal scenario for us would be: we receive the finished dolls soon (hopefully we don’t encounter any issues getting those dolls delivered to our address on time, but that’s another thing to worry about given the circumstances), and while we do all the prep work for the dolls (painting, packaging, labelling, etc) the quarantine is lifted and we can ship the dolls with a bit of a delay but under normal conditions. But like I said, there’s no way to tell when the quarantine will be lifted so we can only pray for it to happen sooner rather than later.
This is why we considered we had to postpone Nora’s pre-order, it would be irresponsible of us to sell a doll not knowing when we will be shipping it because of this unpredictable situation. Sadly, there was no way to know this would happen when Nia’s pre-order took place back in October, so now we’re stuck waiting to see how the events are developing.
All we can do for now is to ask our customers to be patient and understand the circumstances we’re going through at a global level. Nia will be shipped eventually, but we don’t really know when. Hopefully as the weather gets warmer here in Spain the virus situation fades out and everything goes back to normal in time for shipping, but we can only hope.
Thanks to all of our Irrealdoll fans for hanging in there with us, everyone stay safe and follow the rules to prevent the virus from spreading further!
Thanks for reading!

1 thoughts on “Information on Nia’s shipment status from last pre-order

  1. eak2002 says:

    Thanks so much for the message! I also really look forward to Nia (Peanut or Toffe), although I did not have time to pay the preorder. Hope to pay it from the reserve. We all really want the virus to back down! I wish You and your Country good health. Good luck, Elena

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