May update on Nia’s shipment status

Hello there, hope everyone’s feeling healthy!

The situation in Spain has slightly improved and we’re being allowed to do stuff we weren’t before, like going outside at a certain times while taking the necessary precautions. Even then, it’s still a good idea to stay inside as much as possible to avoid any kind of contact with the virus, and that’s what we’re doing so far.

We have news regarding Nia.

After the delay caused by the covid-19 outbreak, we’re -finally- being able to work on your orders. Laura is doing the face-ups as I write this and packaging will follow shortly after. It’ll still take a little while to get them ready for shipping but we’re almost there. We’ve already contacted our local postal office to let them know we’re doing this and they’re also ready for us to ship all of your orders. We’ve been warned about two things, however. First one is that it’s very likely parcels will take quite a bit longer to be delivered than what you’re used to, because there seems to be a big delay in the service due to the virus. And second one: there are a couple of countries on our shipping list which are not allowing parcels from outside just yet, those being Indonesia and Australia, so customers ordering from either one will need to wait patiently for a little longer.

We know it’s not the best news ever, but at least Nia will be shipping soon, even if it takes a little longer to arrive.

If the situation improves to a point where we see the parcels arriving in your homes in a reasonable timeframe, we will consider re-opening that Nora pre-order you’ve been waiting for. We’ll need to wait and see though!

Thanks for reading, we’ll share more information whenever it becomes available.

Take care!

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