Dryo first pre-order!

[en]Finally, Dryo!

As you can see, Dryo first pre-order will start at December 22th 18:00 GMT + 1 time.

dryo_preorderHere you can see white and toffee versions, aren’t they lovely??

  • The colors available for purchase will be vanilla, white and toffee.
  • The price of each doll will be 350€ for both vanilla and white color and 355€ for toffee color + shipping cost (around 16€ for customers in Europe and 25€ for customers outside of Europe).
  • Layaway option available as follows: initial deposit of 50€ and the rest in a single payment within 60 days after placing the order. Deposits are non refundable in any case.
  • Glass eyes, cushions and certificate of authenticity will be included.
  • Make-up option: A, B or C +25€. You can also have a bloody heart in your Dryo at no extra cost (only if you choose one of the three make-up options)


I would like to thank Marie Tonks for gifting me this cute diorama, my Dryos and me are in love with it!

On the other hand, thanks to H’Doll who made both the beautiful pink and yellow cardigan and the multicolor sweater 😀

And, of course thanks to my sister RisRas who made the rabbit hat and dress <3



Marie Tonks, diorama
H’Doll, cardigan and sweater
RisRas, Rabbit hat and dress
Rabbit dolls made by *gg*[/en][es]¡Por fin llegó Dryo!

Como podéis ver en la imagen, el preorder de Dryo tendrá lugar el día 22 de Diciembre a las 18:00PM, zona horaria GMT + 1 (España).


  •  Los colores disponibles a la hora de realizar el pre-pedido serán vainillablanco y toffee.
  • El precio de cada muñeco será de 350€ tanto para el color vainilla como el blanco y 355€ para el color toffee + gastos de envío (alrededor de 16€ para clientes dentro de europa y 25€ para clientes fuera de Europa).
  • Layaway o pago a plazos disponible de la siguiente manera: depósito inicial de 50€, el resto del pago se realizará durante los 60 días posteriores al pre-pedido en una sola transferencia. No se realizará devolución de los depósitos en ningún caso.
  • Se incluyen ojos de cristal, cojín y certificado de autenticidad.
  • Maquillaje: A, B or C +25€ adicionales. También puedes pedir que pongamos un pequeño corazón sangriento en tu Dryo sin costes añadidos (solo disponible si has pedido una de las opciones de maquillaje)



Me gustaría agradecer a Marie Tonks que me regalase este diorama. ¡Mis Dryos y yo estamos encantados con él!

Por otro lado agradecer a H’Doll, quien hizo tanto la preciosa rebeca amarilla y rosa como el jersey multicolor.

Y por supuesto gracias a mi hermana RisRas que hizo el sombrero de conejito y el vestido. <3

Dryo_white Dryo_toffee


Marie Tonks, diorama
H’Doll, rebeca and jersey
RisRas, Sombrero de conejito y vestido
Muñecos de conejito realizados por *gg*


8 thoughts on “Dryo first pre-order!

  1. Innelda says:

    Hi. dear!
    Please, say, is this preorder limited by quantity or by time? Some of my friends ask me to help place order and I’m worry, I couldn’t place all of them before closing.

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  3. Nancy says:

    Hi I ordered a Dryo in Toffee with face up and am very happy to make him mine! 🙂

    Does the face up include freckles?
    Will there be an email acknowledging deposit received and another when remaining amount is due?
    What is the estimated time when Dryos will be completed?
    Thank you!

    • Irrealdoll says:

      Thank you so much for your order 😀
      We specified that make-ups doesn’t include freckles, we are so sorry.
      We cannot know exactly when will it be ready to be shipped, we have to wait for the dolls to be produced at the factory (it usually takes 3-4 months) and we need time to prepare all the packages and make-ups.

      • Nancy says:

        Thanks so much for your reply! Sorry I missed the news about the freckles, I didn’t see it here, and don’t have a Facebook account if it was listed there. I will love my Dryo with or without but your freckled Dryo in the photos here is especially cute! Now I wait patiently until mine arrives.

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