We would like to hear your opinion

[en]We would like to know what kind of doll is your favorite, or the one you would love us to make in the future.

Feel free to vote if you have a spare minute, we would really appreciate your help. Thanks![/en]

[es]Nos gustaría saber qué tipo de muñeco es tu favorito, o el que te gustaría que hiciésemos en un futuro.

Si tienes un minuto libre para poder votar te lo agradecemos de corazón. ¡Gracias![/es]

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13 thoughts on “We would like to hear your opinion

  1. Helene says:

    The enyo size is perfect! I would love other size too, but when falling in love with irrealdoll, it was the small kids that talked loud! And I will go on listen 🙂

  2. Sara says:

    I’d like to see more Enyos. It’s virtually impossible to buy one on the secondary market, and the prices for these used dolls are out of this world. There is still a large market for them, hoping you make more.

    • Irrealdoll says:

      Enyo is not the only Engendrito available, there’s also Ino and the soon to be released Dryo. We know secondary market prices are outrageous, so we plan on keeeping our preorders open for longer periods so people will have a higher chance on buying one of our dolls.

      Thanks for your opinion!

  3. Mayte says:

    yo querría un ejército de Engendritos así que os animo a hacer más modelos, aunque la verdad con los preorder y el poco tiempo relativamente, a veces cuesta ahorrar, sabiendo que sólo habrá los que se pidan en el preorder o los pocos que vayan a eventos porque no hay stock en la web… – y es cierto que no suele haber de segunda mano, lo cual es genial para vosotros porque se aprecia que el trabajo gusta 😉 –

  4. loofthewood says:

    Engendritos and chibi Engendritos
    Ino, Enyo are so perfect
    and soon Dryo

    I hope that I will be able to have it in my family


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