Annic orders shipping next week!

Hello Irrealdollies,

Although we expected to have Annic ready for shipping in July, like clockwork, something unexpected happened, production was slightly delayed and we received the dolls from factory late as a result. We had work quickly in order to finish all the preparations, but they’re finally ready and we are shipping all parcels the first week of August. Stay tuned for your orders to be updated with the shipping information, and please remember that we’re still living in strange and difficult times, so shipping time can vary depending to which country the parcel is travelling to.

Thank you for your understanding and patience, Annic will soon be on the way to your homes!

Talk to you soon, more to come in the coming months.

Take care!

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4 thoughts on “Annic orders shipping next week!

  1. araceli.merchan says:

    Hola, me llegó la pequeña Annic. Ha tardado apenas unas horas. Es tan preciosa como esperaba. La caja, el cojín, el certificado, las pegatinas de regalo, todo tan delicado y bonito. Muchas gracias por vuestra profesionalidad.

    • Irrealdoll says:

      Hola Araceli, estamos encantadísimos con tus palabras y nos alegramos de que Annic ya esté contigo. ¡Esperamos que pases muy buenos ratos con ella y hagas muchas fotos!

  2. Chiffonfon says:

    Elle est bien arrivée. Aussi délicate que j’en rêvais. Première setitas après mes engendritos. Maintenant, il va falloir lui donner un visage.
    Merci de votre talent et de votre gentillesse . A très vite

    • Irrealdoll says:

      Nous sommes heureux qu’Annic soit avec vous. Nous espérons que vous aimerez aussi nos prochaines poupées ! Merci d’avoir acheté Annic 🙂

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