Nora is finally back! New pre-order on May 1st!

Greetings dear Irrealdollies!

After almost two years now -how time flies!- Nora is back on a new pre-order. This re-release has been requested many, many times and we’re happy to finally announce that it is  happening very soon. We’ve prepared a new photoshoot and we will be showing off these new pictures in the coming days, can’t wait for you to see them!

Nora will be available for pre-order on Sunday, May 1st at 19:00 PM (UTC/GMT +2 timezone) and the pre-order period will be kept open for two weeks, ending on May 15th. If you’re not sure when that is, please check the countdown timer on our blog or on our Instagram stories!

Nora will feature the same body as last time -which poses phenomenally!- and will be offered in two skin tones: Peanut and Toffee. Your order will include a certificate of authenticity, a pair of glass of eyes and a set of stickers.

You’ll be able to either pay in full via credit card or wire transfer or you can split the payment in 4 instalments with our layaway plan via Credit Card, Apple Pay and Google Pay (for more information, please check . You can check the prices on the product page right now!

So tell us, have you been waiting for Nora? If so, make sure not to miss the pre-order next Sunday. If you have any questions please visit the “contact” section at and let us know!

Until we meet again… next Sunday at

See ya!

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