Limited sale: Nia in stock and ready to ship, and new payment methods!

Hello Irrealdollies.

Seasons are changing, temperatures are finally dropping around here and here’s an idea to fight the cold: a new Nia limited sale for those who didn’t get theirs yet. It’ll be available in Peanut, Toffee and Chocopink in varying quantities but still very limited, so be quick!

Nia will be available for purchase on November, Sunday 14th at 19:00 PM UTC/GMT +1 timezone. 

This will be a direct sale, so the in-stock units will be ready to ship as soon as they’re painted, packaged and registered (one month approximately). If you pick the layaway option your order won’t be shipping until mid February once all 4 payments are completed, so please keep that in mind. Even though we’ll do our best in shipping fully paid orders as soon as possible, we can’t guarantee they’ll arrive in your home in time for Christmas, so please consider this before placing your order.

On another note, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve implemented Stripe credit card payments as our new payment gateway and it’ll be ready for the occasion. Paypal has been been a source for tremendous headaches lately and Stripe has proven to be more reliable and flexible on our tests – specially with layaway orders – since you can now complete remaining instalments in advance if you wish or change to a different credit card through your dashboard -and it’s equally easier for us to help you from our control panel if any issues arise). You don’t need to create a Stripe account, all you need to do is to enter your credit card information once you’re arrived at the checkout page. Everything is processed securely through Stripe’s servers and we don’t store any of your credit card information.

You can use the “Add to Cart” button as usual to review your order details and then you can either enter a new credit card or pick the bank transfer option, but alternatively you can use the new faster and more convenient Apple Pay / Google Pay quick payment options processed through Stripe.

Additionally, for extra security and convenience, if you have set up Apple Pay or Google Pay on your computer or smartphone you’ll be able to complete the transaction only with only a couple of button presses, which is preeeeetty cool. Just make sure your address and other information is up to date when reviewing the payment – my Apple Pay account was so old it still featured my old address, so I’m talking from experience! – . Bank transfer will still be available as an alternative to credit card payments, but Paypal won’t be available for the time being – sorry!-.

If you already have a stored credit card or a working Apple Pay/Google Pay account on your device, one of these three buttons will appear on the product page or shopping cart depending on which service is available to you.

Hopefully with these changes we will be able to offer you a better service, don’t spend as much time fixing broken stuff and spend more time working on what you really enjoy: dolls of all sizes and shapes!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us

See you next Sunday !

12 thoughts on “Limited sale: Nia in stock and ready to ship, and new payment methods!

  1. nedova-svetlana says:

    Limited sale: Nia in stock and ready to ship, and new payment methods!
    Good day! I really want to buy Nya. But I have never made any purchases from you and I am afraid that I will not figure it out and I will be late to order a doll. Any hints?

    • Irrealdoll says:

      Hello! It’s reaaaally easy. Visit and you’ll find all the information you need on how to place an order. Don’t be intimidated, it’s as easy as adding your desired doll to the cart and enter a credit card number. You can create an account in advance if you wish so you’ll be ready on Sunday, Thank you for your interest in Nia!

    • Irrealdoll says:

      Salut, Nia a malheureusement été vendue très rapidement et il n’y a pas eu d’unités pour tout le monde, mais nous promettons qu’il y aura plus d’opportunités pour obtenir Nia à l’avenir. Merci de l’intérêt que vous portez à nos poupées.

  2. nedova-svetlana says:

    I can imagine how funny it was for you to watch us. We asked to release Nya, and now she is again in the hands of dealers. Why not declare a full-fledged breaker on it. Best regards, Svetlana. This is my first time in the auction and I didn’t like it at all. Emotions are negative.

    • Irrealdoll says:

      We understand your frustration. This sale was very limited and units were gone in a matter of minutes (seconds even for Chocopink choice I believe) so don’t feel bad, because the ones who got in were very very lucky. There will be more chances in the future, and our usual pre-orders aren’t as stressful as a limited sale.

    • Irrealdoll says:


      Nia is now out of stock, but there will be more chances to purchase Nia in the future. Thank you for your interest in our dolls!

    • Irrealdoll says:


      I’m afraid that announcement was for a sale we held last year in 2021. Unfortunately we’re not selling Nia this November, but we believe Nia will be back at some point in the future!

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