Ery is back, with improved body and Truffle skin tone!

Hello there Irrealdollies,

Hope we find you and your families in good health. Today we bring you some good news.

After a long break, Ery is finally back… with a twist! This time around Ery features the new improved body you’ve already seen in other Engendritos such as Oli and Nia but it also features new hands. Additionally, for the first time ever it’s available in Truffle skin tone alongside Peanut.

Pre-order for Ery will take place on Sunday, September 27th at 19:00 PM (UTC/GMT + 2 timezone). 

Payment methods offered will be our usual full payment through Paypal and Bank Transfer, but you also have the possibility to split the total amount in 4 monthly instalments thanks to our Layaway through Paypal option. Not sure how it works? Make sure to visit our COMPLETE GUIDE ON LAYAWAY PAYMENTS

You will find more information and lots of pictures here, so please take a look.

We have a date next Sunday, see you all then!

8 thoughts on “Ery is back, with improved body and Truffle skin tone!

    • Irrealdoll says:

      Pre-order will be kept open for a week at the very least, but we may leave it open for longer in case someone needs that extra time.

    • Irrealdoll says:

      Hello! Don’t worry about it, just place a new order and choose the correct payment option, then we will cancel the previous order and keep the correct one.

  1. Наталья Куракова says:

    Здравствуйте, я заказала куклу р оплатила. Можно снять предыдущий заказ?

  2. Наталья Куракова says:

    Здравствуйте, я оплатила пей пал, но заказ в обработке. Переживаю очень.

    • Irrealdoll says:

      Hello, if your order is marked as “processing” it means the payment has been received and your order has been processed correctly. The status will change to “completed” once the dolls are shipped.

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