Important update regarding Nia’s face up issues

Hello there friends!
2020 won’t let us catch a break, and in the past few days we’ve learned that some customers -thankfully not everyone!- who are just receiving their Nia orders are noticing damaged face ups on their dolls.
We are not completely sure about who may be the main culprit in this issue but we’re suspecting it’s been a mix of complications between the varnish, plastic bags and the exceptional circumstances in which the parcels have been travelling and being handled due to COVID-19.
In any case, the point is that some of you may see bright spots or streaks in your Nia face up and that’s not how the doll should look. For that reason, we’re already been offering our customers who contacted us the possibility of either have the face up costs reimbursed -so you can use that money to maybe ask a local artist to help you out- or the option to ship the doll’s head back to us so we can fix the face up at no cost.
If you encountered this issue, make sure to send us an email with a couple of pictures of your Nia to and we will make sure to guide and help you with anything you need. And needles to say, if your Nia arrived in good condition, there’s no need to do anything, just enjoy and have fun with your Nia!
This has never happened before but we’ve already taken measures to avoid this from happening again, so those who ordered Oli in the flash sale or Nora in the past pre-order can rest assured their dolls will arrive without issues.
Thank you for your support and understanding!

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