Pre-order Nora on March 15th!

Introducing Nora!

Nora is a kid who shines with their own light, as their name indicates, and belongs in Irrealdoll’s new series Luciérnagas.

Nora is short for Eleanora, a greek name which translates as light.

It’s in our sweet and innocent childhood when we’re more open to see and experience amazing things. No need to ask so many questions, just live in the moment with curiosity and enthusiasm. That’s why these children are the perfect partners for “Engendritos”, those mischievous moths who are attracted to light and won’t let themselves to be seen by just anyone.

Pre-order will open on Sunday, March 15th at 18:00 PM (UTC/GMT+1 timezone) and both Peanut and Toffee skin tones will be available. Lots of pictures and more information on price, size, make up options, etc coming in the next few days at, stay tuned!

Nora is eager to discover the world around them, make some new friends and have lots of fun. Will you join them?

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