A new Luciérnaga has arrived, Tali is here!

You’ve been asking for a new sibling to Nora, and we’re proud to finally be able to show you our newest “big” doll.

Tali features a dreamy look with a cute smile. What could they be thinking about? Probably daydreaming about eating sweets and being transported inside their story books. Additionally, they also feature the same body as Nora that you already know and love and can be characterised as a boy or a girl.

Tali’s name is based on the “Lampyris orientalis” insect, a firefly native to Europe and part of Asia. In this species, only the female adults and the larvae are bioluminescent, like in that 80s cartoon!

Pre-order will open on Sunday, February 12th 2023 at 19:00 PM (UTC/GMT+1 timezone) and Truffle, Peanut and Milkshake skin tones will be available.

So get ready and make way for Tali, only available at irrealdoll.com in the month of love. More pictures available on our website in the coming days once the product pages are up.

See you next Sunday!

6 thoughts on “A new Luciérnaga has arrived, Tali is here!

    • Irrealdoll says:


      Pre-order ended a while ago, so they won’t be available for the time being. In any case, please contact us once we’ve shipped all Tali orders to check wether there’s any leftovers!

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