Nora has been shipped!

Hello Irrealdollies, it’s time for a new update.

Nora parcels were finally shipped yesterday morning and all tracking codes were sent shortly after. All of them have been shipped, so if you didn’t receive the notification please let us know so we can re-send, but rest assured it’s already on its way regardless of wether you received the message or not.

One important thing to note: as much as we’d love for all of you to receive Nora in time for the holidays, please keep in mind it won’t be possible for everyone, specially those in countries outside Europe, but those on Spain and nearby countries might still have a chance to receive Nora just in time .

We want to thank all of you for pre-ordering Nora back in June, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the doll once your get your hands on it. If Nora gets enough love, it may open the door for a new “Luciérnaga” doll in the future!

Stay tuned for new releases in 2021, we have some cool stuff that had to skip 2020 completely due to how problematic this year has been, but we’re hoping for a brighter, better 2021.

That’s all for today. Like always: thank you for your continued support, stay safe and have a have a happy -although unconventional- holidays!


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