Update on orders placed in November



I received a message yesterday from a Russian friend. She told me that many of you were getting anxious about the shipments and since we don’t want you to worry I’ll try to explain what’s going on at the moment.

As you already know, our last preorder didn’t go as smoothly as we would have liked. Our credit card layaway system didn’t work as nicely as it should have and this led to countless administrative problems that still to this day are being worked on. Usually this shouldn’t matter for you as customers, but after explaining the situation to our administrator she informed us that dolls couldn’t be shipped until all this mess was cleared up.

To make things worse, part of the dolls didn’t arrive in Spain until very recently. Spanish postal service took a huge hit in December/January, probably due to the holiday season, and the packages we were expecting got stuck in customs limbo for like a month and a half, so many of them couldn’t even been worked on because they weren’t still here. They still made in time for January but as I said our administrator was still figuring out how to fix our administrative hell. So add the helplessness of not knowing how to fix these issues to the fact of not having all the required stock in the date we promised we would. That’s why we always give approximate dates, but I realize that this still doesn’t make your concerns go away.

I know that selling stuff on the internet seems like an easy thing to do: a customer sends money, seller sends doll and that’s it.
In all fairness, that’s what I thought before as well, but believe me it’s really really really more complicated than that when you start doing it from a business point of view. There’s a very specific way to do things the legal way and it’s not as simple as gathering money from sales and keeping it in a sock under the rug. This is a learning process and takes time to fully understand all the administrative mumbo-jumbo that is REQUIRED to do things the legal way. What we have learned these past months will help us do things better in the future for sure.

The latest news are that we visited our administrator today and it seems she finally came up with a solution for the invoicing we needed to do for countries outside of the EU. She’s working on it and we should get a reply from her soon (we told her about the urgency of the situation and she promised us it won’t take long). Good news is all orders from inside the EU got the OK already and those are being shipped tomorrow, and those outside the EU will need to wait a few more days.

Since most of the stuff that happened was out of our control, we hope you understand the delay is by no means intentional. We gain nothing out of having our living room full of cardboard boxes and hopefully the next wave won’t suffer delays of any kind.

We are preparing a very special contest in order to make it up to you, and when we say it’s a very special contest we’re not kidding. Or wouldn’t you like to be the very first owner of the next Irrealdoll creature before anyone else for free?

Again sorry about the delay, thankfully we’re aaaaalmost there.

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