New projects and 4th preorder update

[es]¡Buenas a todos!

Como ya sabréis están a punto de llegar todos los Enyos y cabezas de Ringo por fin.

Es por eso que ya os hemos enviado las facturas de paypal (y a los españoles por e-mail) para que podáis realizar el segundo pago que queda, ¡revisad vuestros e-mails!. Tenéis hasta el día 3 de agosto para mandar el pago. Si todavía no os ha llegado nuestro correo no os alarméis, todavía quedan algunos por enviar y puede que todavía tengáis que esperar un poquito más.

En cuanto lleguen nos pondremos manos a la obra, enviaremos primero las cabezas de Ringo y los Enyos sin maquillaje, y a medida que los maquillajes estén hechos los iremos enviando (¡tened en cuenta que son muchos!).

Una vez enviados se os enviará un e-mail con el número de seguimiento. 

Por otra parte os queremos presentar a un nuevo miembro en la familia de IrrealDoll.
Se trata de Nur:


Su cuerpo empecé a hacerlo hace años, ¡incluso antes que a los engendritos! Pero lo dejé abandonado porque creí que nunca podría sacarlo en resina, ¡hasta ahora! 🙂
Originalmente lo hice para la cabeza de Suichi, cabeza que sí pude sacar en resina pero solo para mi colección personal.

Era una pena no seguir el cuerpo, solo quedaba terminar los brazos, hacer las manos, y mejorar varias partes. Aún me queda un poco de trabajo pero ya está casi listo.

La cabeza de Nur la modelé inspirándome en este dibujo:
la foto
Sí, sé que Nur tiene una cara un tanto… ¿cómo decirlo? Especial tal vez, para no herir sus sentimientos (aunque en el dibujo es más mono XD) No buscaba que fuera un “niño guapo”, sino una personita especial.

Nur significa luz, esa luz de la que las polillas se sienten tan atraías. Y los pequeños engendritos guardan semejanza con estos extraños insectos, ¿recordáis? Por lo tanto Nur es una de esas personas especiales capaces de ver a estos pequeños y traviesos engendritos.

Espero terminar pronto a Nur y poder enseñar pronto una copia en resina, ¡que ganas de verlo listo! TvT Si es posible llevaré algunas copias al Ldoll!

Gracias de nuevo

Laura Garijo[/es] [en]

Howdy everyone!

As you already know, all the Enyos and Ringo heads are finally about to arrive.

That’s why your paypal invoices have been sent (people from Spain will be notified by email) so you can finish the payment with the remaining amount. Check your email inboxes! You have until August 3 to send the payment. If you didn’t get our email yet don’t panic, there are still a few of them yet left to send, so maybe you still have to wait a little longer.

We will begin to work on them as soon as we receive them. We will send Ringo heads and Enyos without make up first, and the ones with make up will be shipped once they’re ready (keep in mind there are a lot of them!) Once they’re shipped you will be notified by email, along with a tracking number.

On the other hand, we want to introduce you to a new member in the Irrealdoll family:

I’m talking about Nur:


I started to make his body years ago, even before than engendritos, but I abandoned him because I thought I would never be able to cast him in resin… until now!

It was meant to be the body for Suichi’s head originally, that one head I could cast in resin but that was for my personal collection only.

Not working on the body anymore was a shame, finishing his arms, making the hands and enhancing a few parts were the only things left to do. Still working on it, but it’s almost ready.

I modeled Nur’s head after this drawing:

la foto

Yeah, I know Nur’s face is somewhat… how to put it lightly? Special perhaps, not to hurt his feelings (he is cuter in the drawing XD). I wasn’t looking for a “pretty boy”, but a special little person.

Nur means light, that light moths feel so attracted to. Because little engendritos are similar to those strange insects, remember? Therefore Nur is one of those special people able to see these little mischievous engendritos

I hope to finish Nur soon and show you a resin copy. Looking forward to see him finished! TvT I will bring a few copies to Ldoll if possible!

Thanks again!

Laura Garijo


7 thoughts on “New projects and 4th preorder update

  1. Cinzia says:

    Hello. I would love to order a Enyo Engendritos. What can I do to order one? They are at the moment out of stock. But I really hope I can order one soon. I love them. Please let me know when I shall expect to order one. Many many thanks! Hugs, Cinzia

    • Irrealdoll says:

      Hi Cinzia! Currently there are no open preorders, but if you don’t want to miss the next one keep checking this website, or better yet, subscribe to our newsletter and you will receive the updates in your mail 🙂

  2. Crow says:

    Oh my. Nur is literally the most precious boy I have ever seen.. I adore quirky different sculpts. He’s really fantastic. I love those teeth, and that nose, gosh. Hopefully he will still be available in a year or so when I have room for another doll ;U;

  3. Tania says:

    Hi Laura, just wanted to say that I adore Nur. He is the very first boy BJD that I absolutely love and would seriously want for my own collection. Are you going to pre-order him at some point? Thank you so much! Hugs Tania

  4. says:

    I absolutely love your delightful BJD’s! So I can find out about your next pre-order, I’ve attempted to sign up for your newsletter. Each time it tells me to check my inbox to confirm my subscription. Sadly, I’ve not received anything in my inbox or in my spam folder although I’ve tried signing up numerous times. I would really appreciate any help you might be able to offer. I definitely don’t want to miss out on your next pre-order. Thank you so much!

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