From the inside of a matryoshka, the new Irrealdoll’s “engendrito” Ery is born!

From the inside of a matryoshka, the new Irrealdoll’s “engendrito” Ery is born! Ery was originated after watching a documentary that showed how a newborn baby was swaddled at a Saint Petersburg hospital. Once the process was done, the baby looked like a traditional russian nesting doll and at the same time it reminded us of a chrysalis. We combined these concepts […]

New RisRas preorder, clothing and accessories for your Engendrito!

Hi everybody! We have a new preorder open until February 10th. You can find, t-shirts, overall, jackets, bags and hats. All handmade and designed by Ris Ras. Remember! The designs are always different on each preorder, and now is the moment to order 🙂 You can check the blog to see more photos Thank you for […]

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