Enoki has been shipped!

Hello there! Just wanted to write a quick note about Enoki parcels finally leaving Spain. We finally shipped last pre-order yesterday and all dolls should be on their way now, check your irrealdoll account or email for the tracking code. Please remember that shipping times will be different depending on the country the parcel is […]

Important announcement: Enoki shipment delayed (but not for too long!)

Hi there Irrealdollies, We’re sorry to bring you not-the-best news this time around. We estimated Enoki would be shipping some time this month, but due to an huge, unexpected issue in the dolls’ production ¬†they just weren’t ready in time for November (a model mix up happened at the factory while they were being produced). […]

Enoki is coming back on July 14th!

Good day¬†Irrealdollies, Many of you were asking for this, so were finally bringing Enoki¬†back. The new pre-order will take place on Sunday,¬†July 14th¬†2019¬†at¬†18:00 PM¬†(UTC/GMT+2¬†timezone). If you’re not registered at irrealdoll.com yet, please do so you’ll be ready ahead of time. Enoki will be offered in Toffee¬†skin tone alongside¬†a new one we’re calling Peach, a slightly […]

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