New Telegram channel!

Hi! We’ve just opened a new Telegram channel where you will be able to learn about the latest announcements from Irrealdoll. It is pretty barebones now but any updates shall appear there in the future alongside our usual social media pages. Just visit this link on your device. The Telegram app will open automatically and […]

New Annic pre-order next Sunday, January 23rd!

The time has come, Irrealdollies! This will be a very exciting year full of surprises, let this be an appetizer for you. Those who have been waiting for a new pre-order will be delighted to hear that Annic will be available for pre-order next Sunday.  If you don’t know Annic yet, she’s a 22,5 cm tall doll […]

Limited sale: Nia in stock and ready to ship, and new payment methods!

Hello Irrealdollies. Seasons are changing, temperatures are finally dropping around here and here’s an idea to fight the cold: a new Nia limited sale for those who didn’t get theirs yet. It’ll be available in Peanut, Toffee and Chocopink in varying quantities but still very limited, so be quick! Nia will be available for purchase […]

Mim update!

Hello Irrealdollies, Mim update! Dolls turned out great, the skin tones are really cool looking and we can’t wait for you to see them in person. Orders are being worked on right now but it’ll take a while, so please be patient. Many preparations still left to do, but in the meantime if you have […]

Where is Ery?

Hello again! Seasons are changing, it’s getting warmer (or colder for those in the southern hemisphere) and you may be wondering: where is that Ery I pre-ordered last September/October? Well, once again, Ery’s production took longer than expected and therefore it is coming later than we initially estimated. We hoped to have them shipped by […]

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