Layaway issues

Customers from the U.S.A. It looks like many of you are having trouble when transferring the second installment of the layaway payment because Paypal won’t let you transfer the money directly. Don’t worry though, we will send you an invoice through paypal soon, from which you can complete the payment. You still have until February […]

New contest!

[es]¡Hola a todos! A partir de hoy vamos a poner en marcha un nuevo concurso en Irrealdoll. Esta vez el concurso va dirigido especialmente a las personas que han confiado en Irrealdoll y ya poseen alguna de nuestras criaturas. Aquellos que todavía no hayan conseguido un engendrito: no temáis; habrá más concursos en el futuro […]

Dryo first pre-order!

[en]Finally, Dryo! As you can see, Dryo first pre-order will start at December 22th 18:00 GMT + 1 time. Here you can see white and toffee versions, aren’t they lovely?? The colors available for purchase will be vanilla, white and toffee. The price of each doll will be 350€ for both vanilla and white color […]

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