Quick update: Invoices for layaway payments are ready

IMPORTANT: ALL INVOICES FOR THE DEPOSIT PAYMENT HAVE BEEN SENT OUT, except for those customers who didn’t write their paypal address in the comment section when placing their order, they should have gotten a notification on their mail and on their order status by logging in at irrealdoll.com. Needless to say, this is only for layaway […]

From the inside of a matryoshka, the new Irrealdoll’s “engendrito” Ery is born!

From the inside of a matryoshka, the new Irrealdoll’s “engendrito” Ery is born! Ery was originated after watching a documentary that showed how a newborn baby was swaddled at a Saint Petersburg hospital. Once the process was done, the baby looked like a traditional russian nesting doll and at the same time it reminded us of a chrysalis. We combined these concepts […]

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