Dryo is back!

  After a long wait, here comes Dryo’s second edition. ūüôā This time it will be offered in toffee, peanut and milkshake skin tones. The first Dryo edition featured white and vanilla¬†skin tones, but they won’t be available this time. New customers will be able to meet¬†Dryo in our¬†current colour scheme, but for those who […]

Ery’s final payment and update

Hello friends! ¬† I’ll start sending out the FINAL invoices for your layaway payments today. It may take a while so please be patient. If you don’t get your invoice by Dec 2nd please contact us and we’ll send it again. ¬† Regarding Ery’s whereabouts: everything seems to be progressing according to schedule, so unless […]

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